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Spaceback & 33Across have teamed up to offer advertisers the most efficient way to optimize for audience attention. 33Across's exchange of premium global supply offers better viewability, longer time-in-view, and deeper engagement. When combined with Spaceback's social display platform that authentically recreates the look-and-feel of social creative, advertisers are able to reach engaged audiences with high quality social experiences well beyond the walled-gardens.

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Social Display Made Easy


What ARe
Social Display Ads?

Social Display ads are authentic recreations of social media posts configured to deliver in traditional banner placements, supporting your programmatic campaign goals (awareness, prospecting, direct response). Many brands have adopted a social-first approach to content marketing. Social Display ads combine this great content with the efficiencies and scale of programmatic.
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Sounds cool, but
Will Social Display Perform?

Oh yeah! Social Display ads consistently deliver increased CTR when compared to traditional banner ads. Additionally, brand studies have shown a 5X improvement in brand lift and consideration.
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