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Sales Manager/Revenue Leader

Location: New York City/Chicago/Los Angeles

About Spaceback

Spaceback is Social Display. You should read our site and understand what we do before applying, but here's the quick version: 

People ignore ads.  On average, you were served 1300 viewable ads yesterday.  How many do you remember?  Right. 78% of people say they ignore ads -- and we’ve never met the other 22%. 

But the same people spend time on social media and often engage with brand posts (74% of people surveyed say they have been persuaded by a social media ad).  Why?  Because brands keep their social content really fresh and beautiful.  Meanwhile, digital display creatives get stale and look like... ads.  There are lots of reasons for this-- every display ad version has to be built in lots of sizes, planning cycles are long, etc.  But bottom line, social posts are fresh and display ads aren't, so performance suffers.  Targeting tactics don't work when creative is stale. 

So brands spend a lot of money on social media even though it's UGC, and they miss a lot of reach that the open web offers.  They also miss the opportunity to align their brand with high quality content on great publisher sites.  And in general brands would prefer to support high quality publishers instead of Facebook if the performance is there. 

Spaceback makes it insanely simple to turn a brand's social media posts into beautiful ads that can be distributed across the open web.  Users prefer the authenticity and the social proof that Spaceback creatives offer, so they typically work 2x better on brands KPI's.  Wait, what?  That's right.  Spaceback creatives win head to head every time.  Best part is brands can use these creatives anywhere they already buy media... direct buys, PG, open programmatic, whatever. 

Spaceback has a ton of partnerships already and is growing fast.  Grab your seat on this rocket while you can.

The Role & What we need

So why do we need you?  Good question.  We're growing organically really fast but brands and agencies are so busy that they need help learning about new stuff. 

This is an opportunity to work with really smart people to change the industry. You will play a big part in making this happen, so we need you to be more than the average amount of awesome.

  • BE A HUNTER You are the kind of person who seeks out new connections and knows how to sense opportunities.
  • Be a brilliant teacher You write well. You speak well. You take the time to understand how someone thinks before spewing information at them. You can explain just about anything to anyone, and your excitement comes through authentically.
  • Be a collaborative problem solver ...With our clients in helping them introduce new concepts to their clients & colleagues....And with our team internally.
  • Be naturally curious This makes you better at everything, and more interesting too.

Lastly, we have an amazing company culture and we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make it even better.  You will be an integral part of helping this culture scale. Sound Like You?  Apply! 

Spaceback is an equal opportunity employer, and offers great perks, benefits and the ability to work hard and play hard with really smart people.

More information about Spaceback can be found by visiting including the following social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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