The RealReal Case Study

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The RealReal
Luxury • Fashion • Retail


More effective than standard banner ads
Improvement in Brand Lift over standard banner ads
Improvement in Consideration over standard banner ads


The RealReal regularly works with top fashion influencers and content creators on Instagram. They wanted to see if they could leverage these existing investments to improve the performance and user experience of their standard programmatic media buys.

KPI: Generate engagement and demonstrate improvement in consumer sentiment over standard banner ads.

Why does it work so well?

  • Social-first content that felt alive with the signals of social (Likes, Comments, Views)
  • Users experience Spaceback posts as social media “in the wild” and engage at a higher rate.
  • Brands can double down on what is already proven to resonate with audiences.
  • Ready-to-go creative with no production costs or timely development processes made it possible to launch of over a dozen creative for a fresher content experience
Swayable Consumer Test: April 2019 • n=1,885

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