D2C Apparel Brand Transforms Online Sales with Programmatic Approach

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Direct-to-Consumer Apparel Brand Drives Online Sales
with Simpli.fi and Spaceback
D2C • Men's Apparel
Men's Apparel Brand Instagram Social Display Ads - Spaceback


Increase in ROAS after
adding Spaceback creative
Decrease in Cost Per Action (CPA) vs. campaign goals

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Online Direct-to-Consumer men’s apparel brand expanding beyond social media into programmatic sought to increase e-commerce sales while achieving a $32.30 Cost Per Action (CPA).


  • Worked directly with Simpli.fi to create a four-month campaign that grew into an evergreen programmatic effort 
  • Desired to reach two audiences: 1) males shopping for themselves and 2) females shopping for someone else
  • Simpli.fi created two Keyword Search Retargeting tactics with unique keywords for each target audience
  • Spaceback converted the brand’s social media posts into programmatic-ready social posts for immediate activation
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Cost per Action (CPA)
Avg. Cart Value
Online Conversions
Spaceback + Simplifi