Instantly, turn your social media posts into dynamic 4K CTV creative.

Social CTV ads make the the big screen feel a lot more intimate, personal, and memorable. Spaceback’s platform unlocks your social media posts from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (Twitter), and Pinterest and makes them ready for programmatic distribution.

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A media console with TV that has an example of Spaceback Social CTV ad from TikTok
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What ARe
Social CTV Ads?

Social CTV ads are TV creative that retain the look, feel, and experience of the original social media post while maintaining regularly updated social metadata (like, comment, & view counts). They can be generated instantly from social media posts providing enhanced benefits over traditional TV creative including instant creative creation, light and dark modes, real-time updates, QR codes, product feeds, and more.

Spaceback Social CTV creative is the most authentic way to distribute social media posts as TV ads.

Easy aNd effective

Social CTV
Brand Testimonials

Hear what others are saying about Spaceback Social CTV.

We’ve already seen success from social extension in native display with Spaceback, and we expect to garner more information about growth drivers from the channel in the months ahead.

Tobin Schiller

Vice President of Marketing at CB2

The Spaceback platform is so incredibly easy to use. Literally in minutes you can transform a high performing piece of content on social media into a nice looking visual ready to go live on TV.

Stephen Bruner

Co-Founder & CMO at Corkcicle

In addition to achieving strong performance, Spaceback’s exciting technology... allows us to capitalize on ephemeral social trends through the largest screen in the home: The television.

Matt Prince

Senior Director at MuteSix

TV proved to be a powerful new tool in our tool belt to drive awareness and conversions thanks to Spaceback’s platform which gives us the power to build CTV creative quickly.

Tom Aulet

Co-Founder & CEO at Ergatta

Spaceback made it possible to generate forward thinking social-first creative in minutes making it possible to be live on TV within a week after deciding to activate.

Michael Carmody

VP Performance Marketing at Made In Cookware

The platform was impressive and straightforward. The social look and feel of the creative stood out from what is normally seen on TV. Social CTV drove results we never expected.

Brady Crandall

Brady Crandall, Director Marketing at Kate Farms

Spaceback made it easy to test and learn.

Kara Sharpe

Head of Marketing at Porter Road

Spaceback made it seamless to extend the reach of our social content onto TV screens.

Scott Krenitski

President Business Operation at Charleston Battery

TV Creative at the Speed of Culture


Combat Creative Fatigue

Leverage your social library to generate the freshest TV creative so that a viewer doesn't see the same creative a dozen times.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Social TV experiences are familiar and instantly resonate with viewers driving awareness, action, and recall.

Efficiently Test and Learn

Instant and free creative transcoding empowers testing and learning like never before available for television.
In Instagram Social CTV Example on a TV at a bar restaurant DOOHA TV in a living room with an example of a Primally Pure Social CTV adA living room TV with an example of an Instagram Social CTV ad



  • Convert any social video post into a production-ready CTV asset in minutes
  • CPM pricing means no production costs and no minimums
  • VAST tags for 6s, 15s , 30s, and 60s spots
  • Tags are compatible across  Open Market or PMPs
  • Features include QR Code, Auto Dark Mode, Dynamic Social Data, 4K support, and more!