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National Retailer
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Above average CTR across channels
Higher Average Order Value (AOV) compared to native
Estimated creative development savings
Impressions served for this campaign

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Drive conversions, engagement & sales amongst retargeting audiences on the Amobee Platform, increase spend on “storytelling” units such as Social Display, and adopt a content-first approach to achieve brand goals.


  • Amobee ran retargeting campaigns for 5 national retail brands from Oct - Dec 2020 using Spaceback Social Display creatives as a core tactic
  • The brand repurposed their existing social assets for programmatic, developing 100+ unique “new” Social Display creatives without spending a single dollar on production


Due to impressive performance and high engagement rates, the retailer now uses Spaceback Social Display as an AlwaysOn retargeting tactic. All brands saw more efficient CPMs and lower ad cost compared to Native, Video, & Rich Media formats.

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