March 22, 2021
March 22, 2021

6 reasons why TikTok is pivotal for marketing

Casey Saran
Co-Founder & CEO

2020 marked a tipping point for marketers around the world. Rapidly changing consumer behavior led marketers to quickly adopt new digital strategies to reach and engage their audiences. One such medium that gained tremendous popularity in 2020 is TikTok. Doubling its user base in the US, from 41MM active users in June 2019 to over 100MM users in August 2020, TikTok quickly moved ahead of other social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat (Datareportal, 2020)

As TikTok rocketed to the top, becoming the most downloaded app of 2020, it forced Facebook/Instagram to launch IG Reels, their answer to TikTok in August 2020. As TikTok continues to be what The Guardian called the social sensation of lockdown, the launch of TikTok for Business has leveled the playing field when it comes to brands investing in social media advertising.

TikTok for Business has gained significant traction over the last six months, and more and more businesses are considering a strategy to be on TikTok. Are you still on the fence about jumping onto the TikTok bandwagon? If so, here are the top 6 reasons why marketers will be including TikTok as part of their social strategy moving forward:

Your customer is here

Over the last year, TikTok has helped users overcome boredom as they stay indoors during the lockdown, which has led to a drastic increase in popularity. Initially touted as a networking app for Gen Z, TikTok’s user base has aged up. Now more than 46% of active users are between 20 to 39 years old.  Additionally, the average user more than doubled the time spent on the app over the same period of time. This shows that not only are your customers using TikTok, it is where they are spending a significant amount of their time online.

Creating a strong community

Fueled by the pandemic, the rising BLM movement, and the emergence of newer digital media, combined with evolving consumer values, 2020 demanded brands to become more real, relevant, and socially-awake. The lockdown has also created a hunger for authentic and relatable interactions that allow for more meaningful connections between the brand and the customer.

Don't Make Ads Make TikToks Spaceback Social Display Ads

TikTok’s simple yet powerful message, 'Don’t make ads, Make TikToks,' is lighthearted, fun, and inclusive, providing a low barrier-to-entry for both the brands and their audiences. Brands can share real, authentic experiences and engage with their audiences while making them feel equally involved. Traditional banner formats and unskippable pre-roll ads suddenly feel extremely transactional when compared to the type of experiences brands can create on TikTok.

Be authentic

According to a study by Havas, 84% of consumers expect brands to create content that engages them through storytelling and entertaining experiences. While authenticity may sound like a cliché, it has become an important factor for consumers when deciding what brands they want to support (Stackla, 2019). Storytelling on TikTok is all about being bold, funny, and lighthearted. 

Through its short-form video, in-app music, stickers, and use of hashtags, brands can reach a much wider audience without the pressure of producing studio-quality content or searching for that perfect tone of voice. Where it may come off as cheap on other channels, TikTok’s aesthetic allows brands to test and learn while endearing audiences.

A new approach to influencers

TikTok’s mantra is simple: anyone can be an influencer. Their content-driven algorithm gives brands and users alike the opportunity to go viral irrespective of your follower count. This makes TikTok the most accessible platform when it comes to influencer marketing and a place where content truly is king.

Two-way communication

With its focus on user-generated video, TikTok has completely shattered the “like/comment/share” engagement model that has been a staple of social media for the past decade. Tools like Duet allow users to create their own side-by-side video responses. Traditional marketers will struggle with no longer being able to curate every part of their image, but TikTok is not a traditional platform and this is precisely what enables authentic, two-way communication. Savvy marketers will use this to their advantage.

Through branded hashtags and video challenges, brands can encourage their audiences to be a part of the storytelling. With millions of active users, it is likely that your brand is already on TikTok. You don’t need to take over the conversation, join the one that is already happening!

Using TikTok content outside of TikTok

Whether or not you're on TikTok, you’ve probably already seen TikTok’s on other social platforms. TikTok is much less of a walled-garden than FaceBook or Instagram, and TikTok experiences are still powerful in other environments. TikTok even allows users to connect their Instagram to their TikTok profile, making it possible to leverage success on TikTok to grow follower counts in other environments.

Another way to get the most out of your TikTok strategy is to leverage social display. Spaceback recently announced support for TikTok. This means brands can now recreate their best TikToks in traditional digital ad environments just like they can with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Brands need to know that they no longer need to be perfect to have an impact. What they need to be is real, sincere, and purpose-driven. In a world where banner blindness is real, ads are easily skippable, and staged content can set unreal standards, TikTok has come as a breath of fresh air and is fast becoming one of the most important tools in a marketer’s handbook for truly connecting with their audience.

Want to connect with consumers outside of TikTok but in the same engaging way, and drive better results than traditional banner ads? See how Social Display can allow you to take your TikTok content and use it to connect with your audience across the Web through Social Display, then connect with us now.

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