November 8, 2023
April 26, 2022

CCI partners with Spaceback to bring Social Display to more brands through the launch of Social AdTrim

Joe Hall
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Spaceback is pleased to announce a partnership with CCI to bring Social Display to more brands across Japan through the launch of "Social AdTrim", CCI's Social Display ad product. CCI's Social AdTrim service leverages the Spaceback platform to enable the authentic distribution of a brand's social media posts across the open web, unlocking efficiencies, performance, and creative automation like never before.

In a recent campaign, CCI Social AdTrim's client Hagoromo Foods Corporation leveraged Twitter Social Display ads and saw a significant increase in traffic and followers.

"CCI Social AdTrim has recently conducted a Social Display ad delivery trial in a Twitter campaign through the collaboration with Hagoromo Foods Corporation. As a result, the campaign saw a significant number of users flow into the client’s Twitter account, and the number of new followers that came from sources other than Twitter ads has increased as much as 63% compared to their previous similar campaigns."

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