September 21, 2022
September 21, 2022

Division-D: Partnership with Spaceback and Perspective on Social Display

Sabrina Goodwin

One of our goals at Spaceback is to get the word out about Social Display advertising to as many advertisers as possible. We're lucky to partner with Division-D, an agency that helps us spread the word and helps their clients find success with their programmatic advertising campaigns.

We sat down with a few people at Division-D who work with Social Display in-market to get their perspective on how our product works in action. Here are some takeaways:

Spaceback allows advertisers to provide a unique experience for consumers

In reality, consumers are used to ignoring traditional banner ads for a variety of reasons. But people choose to be on social media. That's why using Social Display creative for your advertising campaigns is incredibly effective at combating banner blindness.

Here's what some people at Division-D had to say about why Spaceback is different and why they pitch Spaceback to clients.

"I like how unique the tactic is, and as a salesperson, I'm able to present clients with an approach to the media landscape that they may not be familiar with." - Blair Michael, Senior Account Executive at Division-D

"It's a great placement to pitch to clients who already run paid social themselves but are looking for a unique placement, have great social/organic posts, and are looking for a direct response focused campaign." - Jessie Boudreau, Account Executive at Division-D

"To many, it's something 'new' that they haven't tested or been offered by other partners." - Shalyn Mulholland, Vice President of Sales at Division-D

There's no need to create new assets

Are your designers spending time resizing and repurposing amazing social creative for not so great banner ads? If so, Social Display can help. Your art directors and designers can focus on what they do best.

The Spaceback platform allows advertisers to take the URL from the already-published social post and authentically transform it into a ready-to-distribute programmatic ad. It reflects the like and comment counts and will even take consumers to your social media profile.

"Using their organic social instead of different assets/creating assets is a much quicker turnaround, easy to load and troubleshoot, great CTRs and performance." - Jessie Boudreau, Account Executive

"Social Display is a great complement to social media plans to expand the reach and exposure of high-quality content advertisers have already produced." - Shalyn Mulholland, VP of Sales

"The ability to easily repurpose social efforts rather than creating another asset from scratch." - Hailey Walstad, Director of Client Services at Division-D

Social Display performs better than standard banners

In many cases, we've found that Social Display ads yield better results compared to standard banner ads. Division-D explains their experience with performance.

"When comparing side-by-side performance with standard banners vs. Social Display units, we've seen a lift in engagement as Social Display's unique appearance tends to break through banner blindness." - Shalyn Mulholland, VP of Sales

"Typically performs better than standard display due to the nature of the format." - Hailey Walstad, Director of Client Services

To learn more about how Social Display performs, check out our case studies.

Advertisers have already proven that the content works

You've already had the chance to test how the content will be perceived among your social media audience, so there's no need to test to find out which assets will be the most successful. Just choose the social posts with the highest engagement, and those posts can be ready to distribute programmatically within a few clicks.

"It's a great way to leverage their top performing paid and organic social posts in a display environment." - Hailey Walstad, Director of Client Services

A brand's social posts can reach a larger audience

There's only so far that social posts can go in terms of impressions and reach on social media before it becomes cost-prohibitive and inefficient. So why not take those beautiful creatives and allow people to see them on the open web?

"I pitch Social Display to clients who have a strong social media presence but may be looking for a unique programmatic ad tactic or targeting capabilities/functionalities that come with a programmatic campaign that may not be available in social platforms." - Blair Michael, Senior Account Executive

If you're interested in leveraging not only Social Display but other advertising solutions, connect with Division-D here.

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