October 2, 2020
October 1, 2020

MediaMath Joins Forces with Spaceback to Bring Social Display to the T1 Programmatic Platform

Casey Saran
Co-Founder & CEO

Display advertising has been around for nearly two decades, yet it hasn’t evolved much since the first banner flashed across a CRT screen. Consequently, their effectiveness has waned over time, with fewer than 14% of today's Web users even noticing display ads, according to (Infolinks, 2014).

At the same time, social media has been revolutionizing how brands engage with people through more engaging, content-driven experiences. However, brands' ability to take these experiences to audiences has historically been limited to the confines of social media's walled gardens.

Spaceback aims at bridging the gap between social and banner advertising, allowing marketers to combine the user experience of social media with the reach of a traditional display. This allows brands to use content they know to be effective from their social media channels, and share it with their target audiences at scale across virtually the entire Web.

As an important leap forward in this effort, Spaceback has teamed up with global ad technology giant MediaMath to become the first Social Display solution integrated into the company's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System (T1). Through this partnership, MediaMath's more than 9,500 marketers, representing over 4,000 advertisers, can seamlessly activate Spaceback Social Display advertising for their programmatic media buys.

Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath CEO, sees Spaceback’s creative offering as a natural part of martech’s evolution. “MathCapital invests in innovative teams and companies that we believe are building the next generation of marketing technologies. Spaceback falls squarely within our investment thesis and we’re proud to bring their technology to MediaMath clients around the globe” adds Joe.

The new Spaceback Social Display solution is available to MediaMath customers today through the T1 platform. Advertisers can quickly activate campaigns with comprehensive reporting, seamless billing integration, and the ability to use existing, effective social creative (no need for additional creative development).

“Combining our creative solution with MediaMath’s leading programmatic tools now provides brands and agencies with the easiest way yet to engage audiences across the web,” says Casey Saran, CEO, and co-founder of Spaceback.

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