May 17, 2023
August 31, 2021

New Spaceback Certified Content Creator Program for Social Display

Casey Saran
Co-Founder & CEO

A great social media strategy goes well beyond content creation. It’s about story-telling, relationships, two-way communication, generating awareness, inviting audiences to engage, and ultimately driving business objectives. Many of these goals overlap with paid media efforts. That is why Spaceback is launching a Certified Content Creator Program with our first partner, #HASHOFF.

Content Marketing platforms, like #HASHOFF, help brands develop and execute social media strategies powered by high-quality, engaging content. The creator economy was born out of a new need for brands to constantly crank out relevant content and these companies are the cream of the crop when it comes to generating content at the speed of social. Some specialize in helping brands partner with influencers to generate new content while others help brands obtain rights to UGC that they can reuse/repurpose on their own channels.

The fact that most brands work with social content marketing platforms is a major advantage that the walled-gardens have over open exchange advertising. Creating social media content is already a priority for brands, whereas programmatic display creative is often an afterthought. 

This new Spaceback Certified Content Creator Program intends to change that.

Through this program, Spaceback is offering companies in the social content creation space free license to Spaceback’s platform so that their work can be easily extended from the walled-gardens into display ad environments while maintaining a consumer friendly social experience. In addition to platform access, certified partners will also receive access to special features, advanced platform training, and managed support from our client services team.

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