November 8, 2023
June 1, 2023

Social Media Week 2023 Takeaways

Sabrina Goodwin

Social media is a dynamic landscape. With the evolution of social platforms, along with AI's rapid growth, things could change very quickly for social media as we know it.

That's why at this year's Social Media Week with Adweek, experts from brands such as Intuit and Bic discussed a variety of topics for marketers, while creators like Brianna Chickenfry and Claudia Oshry elaborated on how brands can authentically incorporate their products naturally into creators' content.

I attended Social Media Week on behalf of Spaceback. Here are some key takeaways that I found interesting:

The future of marketing is working with creators

If you're not working with creators, you're already behind. Even B2B marketers can authentically include creators into their marketing strategy. When done right, this can be wildly successful. People trust customer reviews because of social proof, which is why creator reviews on TikTok, for instance, perform so well.

Becoming a creator is more challenging than it may seem

According to Social Media Today, 41% of Americans believe they have what it takes to become a social media influencer. However, like being a brand-side social media manager, taking on a career in the creatorverse is more difficult than it looks. Creators are constantly making content.

When it comes to making a living in this industry while remaining authentic for their audience, creators have to be very selective about which brands they work with to keep their content as on-brand as possible.

Bashel Lewis, a social strategist and micr-influencer, gave this advice for creators: Work on creating content around your day instead of working your day around creating content.

Do something unique

Hilton' VP, Head of Content, Media, and Partnerships Dan Reynolds talked about Hilton's 10-minute TikTok ad on stage during SMW. Ashley Atwell, Associate VP of Social and Emerging Media at the NBA, mentioned how unexpected viral moments impacted its social strategy for following seasons. Duolingo's Manu Orssaud (VP, Global Head of Marketing) discussed the unhinged content that its mascot Duo does on TikTok.

All of these strategies have brought advancements for these brands by taking risks. Doing something original is how campaigns win. While taking risks may not always lead to success, your brand will have at least tested the concept and be able to pivot to another idea.

A moment for the one-person social teams

Chelsea Trout has been the social media manager for Flamingo for the past two years. She has grown the brand's following significantly on Instagram. She even brought her recommendations to Flamingo's leadership team and got them on board with putting more investment behind TikTok this year. Chelsea Trout's accomplishments as a solo social media manager is impressive, but her situation is not unique.

As of 2018, 97% of Fortune 500 companies were actively using social media, according to Entrepreneur. And in the past five years, this number has likely increased. Yet few companies have full social media teams. Many experts predict these social teams will grow significantly in the future. Social is the first touchpoint for most brands. It's the first place people go when wanting to learn more about a brand.

Leverage social content everywhere, not just on social

Liz Griffin, global VP of social commerce at Bazaarvoice, and MacKenzie McCarver, senior director of social and PR at At Home, discussed ways to leverage social content outside of social. While they specifically focused on e-commerce, this point applies to all verticals and industries. Brands are creating innovative and impactful content that shouldn't be confined to the social space.

The content and conversations at Social Media Week validated Spaceback's offering in the market. Spaceback's goal is to bring social experiences outside of the walled gardens. Audiences love social; the content that brands are working hard to produce for social platforms is visually appealing, creative, and personable. Social also allows people to react in real-time to cultural events, which is why Spaceback's platform is so great for advertisers. Social Display banners can go live within minutes, serving timely social posts and reaching new audiences. Request a demo to learn more.

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