June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

Spaceback activating on Magnite to bring Social Display to buyers and publishers

Casey Saran
Co-Founder & CEO

In the last decade, digital advertising has revolutionized the way brands communicate with their customers. Not only has it given brands limitless options for putting their messages in front of their target customer, it has also allowed for customers to interact with brands and that is nowhere more prevalent than on Social Media. While this process has made it easy for brands to target and engage with their audience, it has also forced brands to find newer ways to stay relevant in front of their customer.

As an important step in this direction, Spaceback, the creator of Social Display, is working with Magnite, the largest independent sell-side advertising platform, to allow buyers to more efficiently distribute their powerful social content across premium programmatic sites. Through this solution, buyers working with Magnite, interested in Spaceback’s Social Display platform can move outside the walled gardens of social networks by combining their engaging social media experiences with the distribution and efficiency of standard display.

Spaceback is helping combat banner blindness with high quality imagery, socially validated signals, and more intuitive experiences that consumers have been conditioned to interact with over the last decade plus helping to deliver content experiences and no longer just serving ads into placements because they have to.  

With the same mission at our cores, both Magnite and Spaceback aim to help brands and agencies speak to their audience that live outside the social platforms, so that digital advertising in social media isn't seen as a separate strategy from display anymore, helping to reach their consumers more efficiently and safely. “No longer is innovation in advertising restricted to social channels themselves and we believe Social Display is an important step in helping buyers make the most out of their ad spend.”

With support for various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and now even TikTok Spaceback makes it easy for advertisers to put great digital experiences on premium publishers' pages while also controlling creative development costs, lowering creative lead-time and increasing performance (as compared to standard display KPIs like CTR, etc.)

This solution brings the best new innovative display ad formats to the best publishers on the internet.

Contact Spaceback at LaunchSocialDisplay@spaceback.com for more information.

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