November 8, 2023
August 16, 2023

Spaceback and Tinuiti: Streamlining the Social Display tech stack

Casey Saran
Co-Founder & CEO

Spaceback and Tinuiti are bringing the power of creative automation and the benefits of social influence to your own Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) account.

Spaceback and Tinuiti have built a custom integration to make it even easier to launch Social Display. As always, Spaceback instantly converts any social media post into a beautiful ad, but now you can serve that ad from your CM360 account. No more pulling separate reports or investigating discrepancies between ad servers. Media buyers no longer need to manage the details of 1x1 tracking or juggle multiple ad servers to reap the rewards of Social Display.

Once the Spaceback creative units have been pushed into the brand's CM360 account, they can be activated anywhere using the Google stack (most often via DV360). Tinuiti's activation team can now spend client hours on what matters most: Driving value for client brands.

We kept all the good stuff—Spaceback can instantly import any social post type (image, carousel, story, or video) from any social platform (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter) and generate a GCM tag. With this integration, paid media teams have increased control and a more consolidated tech stack, in addition to the speed and customization that Spaceback is known for.

Serving Social Display units through your GCM account makes it easier than ever to build and launch Social Display creative. Now a brand's entire social media catalog can be immediately activated inside an advertiser's own ad server and leveraged outside the walled gardens. Advertisers can now:

  • Have ultimate control and transparency around how to utilize Social Display
  • Easily activate and extend seasonal content
  • Access 1:1 measurement on engagements, DV360 cost ingestion, etc.
  • Receive cost and performance metrics without extra effort, completing the reporting loop
  • Rotate multiple Spaceback creatives on one tag
  • Use YOUR third party server

We are thrilled to launch this integration with Tinuiti. They truly have been a great partner with their focus on channel alignment, performance, and innovation.

If you'd like to learn more about the Spaceback-Tinuiti integration, please drop us a note at

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