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UGG Social Display Case Study - Hero


Increase in CTR
over next best tactic.
Increase in ROAS
over next best tactic.
Content is critical to connect with consumers in the digital age. Spaceback is a platform that lets us showcase both our best content and the positive feedback from our biggest fans. Coupling this compelling ad unit with the targeting of programmatic really delivered a powerful ROAS for us this holiday season.
– Richard Russell
VP Omni Marketing at Deckers Brands (UGG)


The winter holiday season is the most critical time of the year for UGG to drive sales. For their winter campaign, the digital advertising goal was to drive awareness and demand for UGG products beyond their iconic chestnut Classic.


UGG leveraged the efficiency of programmatic display to deliver and evaluate performance of native ads, high-impact banners, and Spaceback social posts. By controlling all other variables, it was easy to determine which tactic worked best.


By coupling the targeting efficiency of programmatic display with the consumer advocacy of social, Spaceback outperformed all other programmatic tactics by well over 2x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

High Impact Banners
Spaceback Social Display

Why does it work so well?

  • Social-first content emphasizes relationships ahead of transactions and in turn delivers both.
  • Users experience Spaceback posts as social media “in the wild” and engage at a higher rate.
  • Brands can cherry pick the best content from social to double down on what is already proven to resonate with audiences.
  • Ready-to-go creative with no production costs or timely development processes.

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