October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Boost Twitter posts as Programmatic Social Display Ads

Joe Hall
Co-Founder & COO

Twitter fills a special place in the Social Network ecosystem. Rather than simply connecting to family, friends, and followers, Twitter empowers users to share information, news, and ideas in participation with the broader world – information that wouldn't normally be shared in exactly the same manner on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. This is why Twitter is going primetime on Spaceback.

Spaceback announces full support for Twitter in the Spaceback UI!

What does this mean?!

This means that anyone can instantaneously build Twitter Social Display ads from Tweets ready to go live immediately via any DSP.

Distribute Twitter posts (Tweets) using your existing ad stack and buying infrastructure. Spaceback is 100% compatible with all 3rd party display measurement.

Outperform standard banner ads on a CTR and ROAS basis, while also delivering a 5X improvement on Brand Lift and Consideration.

Spaceback Social Display is the easiest and most authentic way to increase the reach of your social media and boost posts across the web in display advertising. Incorporate Twitter posts into any existing campaign to start seeing results immediately.

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