November 8, 2023
May 3, 2023

Full Funnel Success with Spaceback: Retaining Customers

Aubrey Lehrmann
Head of Marketing

Social media platforms have become indispensable tools for businesses to connect with consumers. Brands have a social presence to build meaningful relationships with their customers, foster brand loyalty, act as customer support, and ultimately drive revenue growth. Whatever the goal, marketers are heavily investing time and budget into their social strategy: Messaging, content calendars, production, measurement, and more.

This effort and investment is often bound by the walls of, well, the walled gardens. A killer TikTok video or an engaging Instagram carousel quickly gets buried and can struggle to even reach your current followers.

Spaceback Social Display and Video can expand the impact of a brand's social efforts at every stage of the marketing funnel. In this post, we take a look at how Social Display and Video can be used strategically for retaining customers. Check out the rest of the series to learn more about tactics and best practices for awareness, consideration, and conversion.

But first, a quick primer on Spaceback. We are the leaders in Social Display and Video. Spaceback enables advertisers and agencies to instantly turn social content into effective programmatic ads.


The final stage of the marketing funnel is retention. Even though retaining a customer is generally less expensive than acquiring a new one, this is an important part of a business's long-term success. Retention marketing focuses on keeping customers and rewarding brand loyalty. By marketing to an existing customer base, brands can create experiences that strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Social Display and Video can play an important role in retention marketing with two separate groups: Current customers and brand advocates.

Current Customers

Current customers sometimes take a backseat when a brand is laser-focused on the conversion phase. Brands often assume that once a customer converts, the job is done; however, in many categories, it takes multiple purchases to become brand loyal. Customer marketing tactics are particularly important for crowded categories, high consideration purchases, and premium products.

In order to build affinity within this group, brands should continue to create positive interactions at scale with engaging Social Display and Video units, particularly in-banner video. Brands can also use Spaceback ad units to encourage customers to follow the brand on social media to further build the relationship and turn a satisfied customer into a loyal brand advocate.

Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are incredibly valuable, and it's critical for brands to engage and appreciate them. In addition to clear, positive revenue impacts, this group can provide invaluable market research, and they are more tolerant of risks their favorite brands take. Brands should make this group feel special by offering sneak peeks, the latest and greatest products, behind-the-scenes content, or exclusive sales or products.

Brands can promote exclusive offers and discounts to existing customers using unpublished or dark posts to maintain that element of exclusivity. And, since Spaceback unit production is free and easy, brands can easily have messaging dedicated to this group.

Best practices for retention using Social Display and Video:

  • Focus on creating positive brand interactions at scale for existing customers
  • Encourage customers to follow the brand on social media
  • Make customers feel appreciated with exclusive offers, behind the scenes content, and sneak peeks
  • Use your brand loyalists to test new products and messaging

Spaceback Social Display and Video is a powerful and flexible took for brands to build awareness, increase consideration, drive sales, and foster loyalty. Activating Social Display and Video with Spaceback is simple since many brands already post content that supports various phases of the funnel. Brands get more mileage from content, streamlined messaging, and improved internal operations and audiences get fresh creative and engaging content.

Learn more about how Spaceback formats can bring success to every stage of the funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. Want to discuss how Spaceback can boost your campaigns? Email us at

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